Tongue for all sex doll and love doll


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Pink tongue

Fits all sex dolls


Get Your Licks In With a Realist Tongue for Sex Dolls


Sex dolls have been around for centuries. In fact, the originals were made of sacks of flower and women’s clothing and garments and looked and probably felt nothing like a real woman. Thankfully, we have come quite a long way from those miserable dark ages! Today, you can find dolls in all kinds of price ranges, styles and feels. From the plastic blow up variety to extremely realistic and beautiful dolls with whom sex feels just like the real thing. In order to really make a doll realistic and sexy, you want to invest in a realistic looking and feeling tongue. Add it to increase your dolls sex appeal while looking at her, and have a better feeling while kissing her. These tongs are soft, pliable and will bring an extra layer of realism and pleasure to your sexual encounters. Don’t you worry though, this will be our secret!



Material: 100% TPE

Color: Pink Tongue

Features: Soft and Pliable



Order a Realistic Tongue for Sex Dolls while supplies last!

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