Silicone Waterproof Detachable Prostate Massager


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Ergonomic G=Spot Vibrator



Silicone and ABS

Multi-speed vibration

Battery Operated

Comes in pink or purple

Ergonomic design for easy handling


An orgasms has never been easier than with the Ergonomic G=Spot Vibrator


Ladies, we understand that sometimes reaching that Big O can be really hard. Maybe even seemingly impossible! Even while having great sex with a well-endowed and skilled partner, getting a satisfying orgasms is not always easy. That’s because women need a specific type of stimulation in order to achieve an orgasm. The Ergonomic G-sport Vibrator offers just that! Easy to handle, thanks to its ergonomic design, this vibrator was made to reach and stimulate your clitoris with a multitude of different vibration settings that will have you screaming out in sheer and satisfying pleasure. It comes in pink or purple and has two different tips in order for you to choose your favorite sensations and pleasure levels. Made of Silicone and ABS, it is safe for personal use, it’s vibrations are quiet and discreet, and it is small and super portable with 3 LR44 batteries for powered vibrations on the go.



Size: 175mm

Material: ABS and Silicone

Function: Multi-speed vibrations

Color: Pink or Purple


Get the Ergonomic G=Spot Vibrator now!

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Pink, Purple


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