Violent space Lace mask goggles Handcuffs set


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Wrist Ties



Sexy and Soft


Intimate moments are made to experience the full gamut of sensations between you and your partner. It’s a time to bring all of your mutual fantasies to life and give yourselves over to intense pleasure, trust and reliance upon each other. That is what sex play and bondage is all about! Bring that kind of intimacy and sexiness into the bedroom with this luxurious set.  The Lace Mask and Wrist Ties promises to bring all the sexiness that has been missing from your bedroom. A lace mask with satin bands will limit you or your partner’s vision in order to have you focusing on all of your other senses for a heightened experience. The soft, cloth wrist binders are also covered in lace and have satin straps that can be tied to each other or to any piece of furniture in the room. One of you will be completely at the hand’s of the other. Naughty has never been this nice.



Item: Wrist binding and lace mask


Materials: lace

Color: Black



One Size


Purchase the Lace Mask and Wrist Ties while the set lasts!

Additional information

Item Type

Adult Games

Brand Name

violent space

Sexually Suggestive


Obscene Picture



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