Metal Handcuffs Ankle Bracelets


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Chain link




Hook Closure


Make a Statement with Bondage Chain Link Jewerly


Interesting chain jewelry to meet all of your desires and needs, whatever your desires and needs may be. You can use them as collars, anklets, handcuffs or however your imagination leads you. Link it closed or link several together to expand upon your imagination. The chain jewelry is popular with punk and goth fans or it can be used as toys for adult and bondage play. Made of strong and high quality metal, these cuffs will not break down from wear and tear with continued use. Whether you use them as a fashion statement when going out on the town for a night or whether you use them for kink with your partner, they will fulfil your desires and needs.  You can hang them around the waist or pocket of your pants, or lock your partner up tight and have him or her begging for your attentions. Whatever you choose, they won’t let you down.



Item: Chain link cuffs

Materials: Metal

Color: Silver



13 cm

18 cm

26 cm


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Adult Games

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