Metal Feathers Colorful handcuffs


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  • Black
  • Fur handcuff
  • Gold chain linking
  • Sexy
  • Made for Comfort

Bring your wildest dreams to life with these Black Fur handcuffs

Do you dream of being held down while your lover pleasures you endlessly? Or maybe you want to be in control? Whichever way you prefer it, these super sexy Black Fur handcuff can be the start of something wonderful. Made with luxurious black fur and gold chain links, these are stylish and sexy. The luxurious feel of the cuffs will remind you of how important every sensation is during your moments of intimacy.  Made with excellent materials, they can stand up to the test of time. They will bring you and your partners hours of fun. Cuff each other to the bed post, to a chair, to the shower, or even to each other and experience moments of true intimacy and trust. You can even stick them into each other’s work bags in order to signal a hot date. Trust us, no one will be able to concentrate on work all day long!


Item: Handcuffs

Style: Fur lined


Color: Black

Buy the extremely sexy Black Fur hancuffs now!

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Adult Games

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Sexually Suggestive


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