Long Black Leather Spanking Whip



  • PU Leather Bull Whip
  • Long length whip – 190 cm
  • Light weight and resistant
  • Hard handle plaid detail
  • Soft and delicate finishing
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Long bull whip with a short low price. The quality is great and our competitive price is small. You will NOT get spanked if decides to buy anywhere else!


When you think of long whips, it’s really easy to think of Indiana Jones and his remarkably trusty bullwhip with insane whipping skills. Our BDSM PU leather whip is a fairly long, yet not completely unmanageable piece which is extremely flexible and pliable. The end is a split towards smaller flared tails, the handle is a solid grip handle which will easily permit the whip to be manipulated, twisted and flicked without causing too much trouble. It’s easy to remember what a whip is, as a whip most closely resembles a long snake. Despite being long, thin and pliable, when used correctly this whip can rain down a storm of pain and hurt if you want it to. Our whip is most known to create a sharp stinging and intense sensation. Keep in mind though, that proper whip usage will require practice, so ensure that you know how to use one of these things before uh, whipping, them out.


  • Brand Name: SMDSEXY
  • Item Type: Adult Games
  • Sexually Suggestive: No
  • Material: PU Leather
  • Size: BN118
  • Obscene Picture: No
  • Model Number: BN118
  • Color: Black
  • Package: Discreet
  • Style: Long Whip Sex Products

Size Chart:

Whip length: 190 cm long

No question about! Our long whip is the best value for your money. We offer HUGE DISCOUNTS for bulk buying!

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Item Type

Adult Games

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Sexually Suggestive


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