Leather Handle Clap Scattered Whip


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  • PU Leather
  • Length 32 cm
  • Color Black red lettering – BITCH
  • Long lasting material
  • Washable and waterproof

If you have never had a paddle before, now is the time to start BDSM and enjoy sex from a new and exciting perspective. HAVE FUN!


The paddle is made of black leather with little red letters inlaid, and is built to last. The PU leather is cool and smooth, and eminently suitable for caressing your partner’s soft skin right before giving it a smack! It’s surprisingly heavy for its size, which is an indicator of the quality with which it is made. This paddle has a definite point of impact and whilst it’s made of PU leather and has some flexibility, continuously spanking the same area is going to give a nice, rosy blush to a set of ass cheeks. This will give a good “slap” rather than a heavy “thud”. The paddle is great fun to wield, as much for the sensual stimulation it can deliver as the sudden shocks and quivering skin and muscle it creates. Yes, much of the enjoyment of using this toy is the delicious anticipation you can create in you and your partner as to where the next sharp blow will fall.


  • Brand Name: Etiger
  • Model Number: Clap Tool
  • Material: Leather
  • Size: 32 cm
  • Item Type: Adult Games

Size Chart:

Size: 32 cm

This paddle is guaranteed to put you in a cheerful mood or you will be spanked until you do! ENJOY IT!

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Adult Games


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