Leather Handcuffs restraint For Couple set


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Bondage Strap

Made of Nylon and PU Leather





Give Yourself Over To Bondage With PU Leather and Nylon Bondage Restraints


Role playing in the bedroom can bring some much need spice and fun to your sex life. Wanting to role play and indulging in some bondage and using restraints can bring the role playing to a whole new level. Do you want your partner at your mercy? Or maybe you want to be the one in bondage to experience a whole host of sensations that your partner may have in store for you. To get you started, you need the right equipment. No single piece of equipment is more important for bondage and restraint play than restraints. Using these high quality and durable PU Leather and Nylon Bondage Restraints can get you on the right track. Do you get your kicks from metal, leather and strong materials? Then these are right for you! Use the belt and cuffs on your wrists or ankles and get ready for some excitement and fun.



Item Type: Bondage Strap

Material: Nylon and PU leather

Function:  Bondage Sex Toy

Style: Alternative, Hands or Feet Restriction

Color: Black


Get the PU Leather and Nylon Bondage Restrains Right Now!

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