Handcuff AnkleCuff Neck Collar leash black Restraint Set


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Strong and durable

Neck Collar



60 cm in length


Prepare for some adult play with the Bondage Neck Collar and Cuffs


Nothing is sexier in the bedroom than bondage between consenting adults. Spice up your adult playtime with this high quality, strong and durable set of Bondage Neck Collar and Cuffs. The fully adjustable set includes a collar, two cuffs and a 60 cm strap that links them all together for visual, physical and mental stimulation. The Bondage Neck Collar and Cuffs can be made shorter to fit a small person or to increase the amount of tension and pain given, but at a mere 95g in weight, it won’t be too heavy for playing and the person wearing it will be safe and able to enjoy themselves. The pieces link together through loops and metal buttons so that you can have multiple modes of play. You can use it with the cuffs in front or you can hook the cuffs with the wrists tied up in the back. However you choose to use them, you or your partner will be at the other one’s mercy. So be sure to play nice!



Item: Bondage Cuffs

Style: Adjustable


Color: Black



One Size

60cm Length


Buy the Bondage Neck Collar and Cuffs for some adult fun today!

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