Black Soft Leather Handcuffs Restraints


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  • Black
  • Leather Outside
  • Plush fur lining
  • Adjustable buckle closures
  • Made for Comfort

Add some kink to the Bedroom with These Extra Wide Fur Lined Black Handcuffs

Are you trying to add some kink to your adult time in the bedroom? It’s time to add some fun and spice up your love life so that it’s everything you dreamed it would be. The best way to do that is to explore some bondage between consenting adults. Being at your partner’s mercy while you are cuffed to the bed, or yourself can be extremely exhilarating. Reversely, you could be the one in charge while your partner is in bonds and at your mercy. There can be licking, tickling, light spanking or even simply withholding your touch. We promise, they’ll be begging for your mercy! The most important step for this to occur, however, is having the right gear. Namely, a pair of safe and comfortable cuffs.  The Extra Wider Fur Lined Cuffs have been expertly designed and made of quality and durable materials. They can be worn safely for hours without discomfort or fear of scraping and cutting, like can happen with regular police handcuffs.


Item: Handcuffs

Style: Fur lined

Materials: Leather

Color: Black

Purchase these Extra Wide Fur Lined Black Handcuffs before they’re all gone!

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