Bed Restraints HandCuffs pair


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Bondage Strap

Made of Nylon


Strong and durable

Safe and Comfortable

Bring on the kink with these Nylon Bondage Restraints

Ever wanted to have your partner at you mercy? Or maybe you would be more pleased with the alternative. Being at your partner’s mercy in order to feel a heightened sense of experiences in the bedroom. Whichever way you would prefer it, the experience of bondage may have you already excited. Bring those feelings to the forefront of your intimate experience by using the Nylon Bondage Restraints. Made from nylon and expertly designed for your fun and games, these restraints will bring the excitement you have been craving, but are safe and comfortable for bondage play between consenting adults. The Nylon Bondage Restraints are made up of a thick band that has 4 cuffs attached to it. The cuffs have Velcro closures and can bind your ankles and writs together in various ways. The excitement and sexiness they will bring you will be endless. Just remember to have mercy!

Item Type: Bondage Strap

Material: Nylon

Function: Binding, Bondage Sex Toy

Style: Alternative, Hands And Feet Restriction

Color: Black

Get the Nylon Bondage Restrains Right Now!

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