Double Head Thread Pyrex Glass G-Spot Dong



Raised Spiral


Cylindrical Shape

Vaginal Stimulation

Anal Stimulation

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Masturbation and foreplay have never been so good! The G Spot Sex Baton features ridges that can help females reach their clitoris and men massage their prostates; unless you’ve been living under a rock and extremely deprived, then you know that those are the G-spots. Reaching the G-spots automatically translate to big orgasms. We’re talking nuclear sized, like you’ve never experienced before. Whether with a partner or on your own, the G Spot Sex Baton is the key to achieving these monumental orgasms. Who knew something so simple, but so well-designed, could be the key to unlocking those orgasms? Made of glass, the G Spot Sex Baton is waterproof which means it can be used in the shower, hot tub, or bath. It can also be heated or cooled to fire up your senses. Mess up it and then clean it up easily. This guy will be a favorite that you’ll keep coming back to over and over again.



Materials: Glass

Size: 19.3*2.2cm

Color: Clear


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