Double Head Gold Pyrex Glass Crystal Dong



Pyrex Glass


Gold Color

Two Heads



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Get Smooth and Sexy sensations with the Golden Double Headed Dildo


It’s the Gold Standard for sexual pleasure. The ultra-smooth Golden Double Headed Dildo

Provides gentle pleasure for both your vaginal and or anal pleasure. This dildo features two heads that have a diameter of 2.0 cm. You can use one end for vaginal stimulation and on end for anal stimulation without risking the chance of contamination or having to stop between intended uses. This dildo can also be shared between partners or even used by two at the same time! The Golden Double Headed Dildo is 17.8 cm long and made of Pyrex glass, which means it’s completely water proof, and it can even be heated or cooled for a variety of sensations. Whether using it on your own or with a partner, this ultra-smooth and ultra-sexy toy will give you intense pleasure even when you have insatiable needs. Get it for yourself or get it as a special gift!



Materials: Glass

Size: 17.8 cm long, 2 cm in diameter

Color: Gold


Get the Golden Double Headed Dildo now!

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