Classic Large Big Double Headed Glass Pyrex Dong




Two Sided

Raised Swirl for added sensations


Unique Design

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Sometimes, size does matter! Because it’s not just the motion of the ocean and you need something large enough and impressive enough to get the job done! We guarantee that the Large Glass Double Dildo will get the job done! This sex toy features two different heads for variety of uses. The head has an oval design that is perfect for vaginal use. The other end is circular and very smooth, making it perfect for anal use. Across the middle of the dildo, there is a raised spiral that can be used to elicit a variety of sensations. The fact that it is made of glass means that any type of personal lubricant can be used, whether silicone based or not. It can also be used in water, so showers, hot tubs, and even pools. Clean up between uses is also super easy! Fun, safe, secure, and most definitely large! That’s what you get with the Large Glass Double Dildo.



Material: glass

Color: Clear

Features: Double Sided


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