Classic Large big Double headed Glass Dong



Pyrex Glass

Features Ridges and Bumps

205 mm Long

33 mm thick

Clear glass with blue glass detail


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Get more than you bargained for with the Classic Glass Double Dong

Intensify your pleasure during the most intimate of moments. The Classic Glass Double dong can be used vaginally and it can also serve as a butt plug. Since it has two ends, they can be used for alternating vaginal and anal play without having to take a break to cleanse and disinfect the toy.  This sex toy can also be shared between two women who can find pleasure in it at the same time! Since it is made of glass, it is completely water proof, which is great for cleaning, but also imagine all the places where you can enjoy it! The pool, the hot tub, the shower! Let your imagination run wild. The ridging and bumps, which are highlighted by blue glass, will also lend themselves for a variety of sensations that will be sure to blow your mind. The Classic Glass Double Dong is 205 mm long and has a diameter of 33 mm, large enough to do the job it needs to do!

Using a Double Headed Dong For Intense Pleasure

Double Headed Dongs, or dildos, are for extreme pleasure! They might seem really intimidating at first, but with a little knowledge and a lot of imagination, they can take your pleasure to new and never before imagined heights.

Here, we list a few ideas to use your glass dong

Solo Play Without Interruption

Use a double headed dong on yourself to experience a complete array of sensations that you never before thought possible. What’s the best part? That you don’t have to worry about only using it for one entry or stopping to clean your toy as you use it. Use one side for vaginal play and flip it over to use it for anal play without having to stop your pleasure. You can even go back and forth between the two multiple times!

Partner Play

A double headed dildo can bring a new level of fun to partner play as two of you can use it at the same time. It’s great for lesbian couples or for any couple looking to change things up.

Vagina to Vagina

For great lesbian action, two women can use the double headed dildo at the same time. Use eachothers bodies and rythms to bring a sense of closeness and extreme sexual pleasure while riding it simultaneously.

Vagina to Anus

Whether you want to use it simultaneously in for pegging, a two headed dildo can get you to the right place. A woman can insert it in her vagina and penetrate a man’s anus for a little role reversal that is sure to set you both on fire.

Anus to Anus

Partners can use a Double Headed Dong for anal penetration at the same time. It may take a little more finesse and skill, but the ultimate pleasure that it will bring is well worth the effort. You will both experience incredibly intense orgasms and if you play it right, they may even be simultaneous!


Materials: Glass

Size: 205 mm long and 33 mm thick

Colors: Clear glass and blue glass

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