Why are online sex toys stores more popular now than ever?

In order to spice up their sexual life, some couples who have been together for years are becoming less shy, and going straight to the point, not the “G” one as yet, but the point of connection to the internet! All of these more than 50 new types of toys available on the market, which help prolong and increase pleasure, have attracted more husbands and their wives to buy online sex toys. If you’re looking for other things like Online Games such as Batballs, this is a post about sex couple toys.

Buying erotic products over the internet is the option of many consumers who, for some reason, prefer not to go to the physical store. It may be because they are shy, or the convenience of receiving the items at home, or even for the cheaper prices. They have found that is a lot easier to get their sex toy for couples, for instance, without set foot in the sex shop.

Hints and tips to buy online sex toys

Despite the practicality, those who want to buy products from sex shops online need to take some care. It is in fact a comfortable way to do things, however, there are some risks associated with this practice if you have not yet bought anything online.sex toys for couples

  • Just use common sense and always check the merchant’s reputation. It is very easy to do so online. A quick read through the site and other reputable references and you can find out everything about the seller.
  • Another important detail is to make sure you are getting your products in a discreet way if you want to keep your privacy. When checking onsite, double check if they deliver to your front door in a discreet packaging, therefore no neighbor can tell what you just bought.
  • When using your credit card online, apart from all normal care, you must also make sure they are not describing what you have just purchased online as anything related to sex or “sex toys for men”. Normally they specify that it will be written something different on your credit card statement. They may mention “book store”, for instance.
  • Before you actually buy online sex toys, do a little research on the product you are looking for. If the same brand and style is available in several stores, it is a good indication that this particular product is reliable. It is also a good idea to find out the reputation or reviews and comments on that particular product. Do not buy anything if you do not know how it performs!
  • You may not be able to touch or feel the product in a physical way before you buy, when dealing online, however there a lot more things you can do to be absolutely sure you are getting the best value (or sex) for your money! Reading the comments of customers is one of them.
  • Always test the product before application or sharing with someone else. If you have acquired some type of erotic cosmetics, such as gels, creams or stimulants that should be applied to the intimate skin, test the product on another part of the body before using it or applying on your partner. The same applies for dildos and vibrators. Just make sure you can handle the size.

Rather than opening the product in bed, it is interesting to do it before hand, using and testing on yourself first. It may be on the inside of the forearm, for example. Edible products can be tested in the mouth by applying a small portion on the lips.

  • If you are getting sex toys for women, it is worth checking for allergies. Sometimes they can be allergic to latex or other product used when manufacturing the toy.
  • Make sure that, before you buy, you clarify all your doubts. Not only researching information on websites, but also talking to the company’s service teams, who should be available for contact or online. Do not buy on the dark and do not be shy to ask.
  • A last recommendation: Whether or not you are new to this game, there is something you must not forget. Wash thoroughly your toy before and after using. Store in a safe place and always, always, practice safe sex!

You can buy online sex toys behind the curtain

This is the best way to describe your actions when you are actually purchasing things online. It is no different with intimate and sex related products. If you are careful and follow these simple hints and tips, there is no way you are going to be embarrassed when getting your favorite toy from the internet.

The convenience of buying without leaving the comfort of your home and receiving your goods on your front door are the main reason for such a growth of online sex shops. However, some people agree that the fact you can purchase online sex toys with total discretion is the big plus. Either way, buying online makes life easier… Using them makes life a lot happier!

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