What is so exciting about anal toys

So you are gay! Shocked society, surprised your family and here you are now dancing and ready to set dates. Congratulations, you are part of a multiple community that is not always understood, but even at basic levels breaks down crystallized concepts of sex and behavior. You are free to experiment with real life and no more lonely anal toys. Now you can share with a partner!

Let us start with the exotic. Some people say that, It is not because they are gay that they necessarily have aversion to the opposite sex. Identities are built by diverse stimuli, and even a “social sexual identity” such as “gay” goes beyond the (homo) sexual practice. So, even if you do not define yourself as bisexual, you can – of course – try the opposite sex with someone nice, perhaps incorporating a dildo on the encounter.

A great repression of normative society towards gays is precisely this supposedly more liberal stance about desire. Modern friends are there to help and nobody loses their identity for trying something new. When it comes to sexual toys and anal sex, gays are on the cutting edge of new experiences.

Apart from desires and intense inclinations, we find that some anal toys or sex toys for men can be great in a relationship. We may never know our boundaries until we play and reach deep pleasure and the best sexual exchange ever. It is a very healthy practice if played with the much needed care and safety.

Learn how to use anal toys safely

Anal toys are a good alternative, both for those who are starting anal sex and those who already practice it more often. Many of them favor anal dilation and allow you to experience double penetration. But, before applying them you should take into account some recommendations for anal sex in order to enjoy the experience to the fullest.

6 Great tips and steps to follow:

1- When using any sex toys, dildo, butt plug or whatever, it is very important to clean and wash them properly before and after using, especially when it comes to anal toys. Look for devices with wider base, thus avoiding the danger of not been able to retrieve when finished.

2- Before using any type of toy for anal sex, it is important to clean the area. Remember to wash also the inside of the anus to remove any kind of fecal waste that can spoil the fun. Give preference to toys made from soft material. However, if it is a silicone base toy, do not use any alcohol-based liquid to wash. They may dissolve toy structure.

3- Do not use anal toys without applying lubricant, you may run the risk of intense pain and skin damage. Our anus, unlike the vagina, does not naturally lubricate, so it is always necessary to use intimate lubricant. Apply a small portion at the entrance of the anus and another bit on the toy that you will use, this will facilitate penetration making it more soft and pleasant.

4- Before penetrating with the toy you and your partner should stimulate anus area manually, it is a way to relax the area and start enjoying your sexual encounter. Foreplay can take the shock away! They also serve to minimize abrasion.

5- Penetrate toy delicately and smoothly, little by little, there is no need to hurry. If you are using ball-shaped balls or vibrators, insert them slowly and enjoy the feel of play.

If you are with your partner you can experiment with double penetration, oral sex, or masturbation while penetrating toy. Orgasm will be very powerful if you try this simple trick.

6- Enjoy the experience to the fullest, play, have fun and recreate sexual encounters with your partner or lonely masturbation sections, explore your body and bring pleasure to the limit.


Please NOTE:

Before practicing anal sex, even with a toy, a fact that leaves a lot of people squatted is the issue of hygiene far beyond aesthetics. Because to get involved in anal pleasures, it is not enough to keep hair trimmed and go first to the bathroom. More care is needed to ensure success of the endeavor.

Wash area thoroughly and internally, no need for enema; however, a good wash would assure you clean sex. The use of condom would guarantee safe sex and good health.

Be wise on your decisions!

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