6 Wedding Night Lingerie Ideas to Surprise Your Man

I have read a recent poll with some readers who participate in a magazine list, and the most asked post was about preparing a romantic wedding night lingerie for the husband or boyfriend. I was happy with this option because it shows how much these women value the relationship and are looking to get out of the routine.

Today brides have a wide range of lingerie, panties, pantyhose, and babydoll to choose from for their long-awaited wedding night. It is essential to select sensuality without giving up comfort. I believe that, for any man, there is nothing sexier than a woman who is comfortable with her body and her sexuality.

Before celebrating a wedding night lingerie

From the religious point of view, a wedding night has a very special symbology. In the old days, this was the first night of intimacy between couples. Until then, both preserved for the great evening, which would mean that, in fact, the marriage of the couple would consummate.

However, nowadays, things are a bit different. We hardly go for a wedding night. Sometimes bride and groom are so tired that they end up sleeping, in other cases, she may wear such tight shoes and cannot stand that excruciating pain. So, sleeping is the best alternative.

I consider essential to promote special moments and stimulate the relationship between the couple. We should not let marriage be just a sharing of obligations. This unique wedding night is so important that a country in the northern hemisphere invested some money in helping to celebrate the night, thus reducing the divorce rate by about 40%

When we propose a romantic wedding night, be it a dinner alone after the party, a movie or any other activity, you can add the ingredient of sensuality, so that continuity is a night of love and passion, which is so essential to the couple’s union.

Wedding night tradition still carries a lot of mysticism, romance, and sensuality among couples. Especially for women who like to invest in pieces of lingerie to surprise the beloved in the couple’s great love night.

There are many doubts, even because some women are more reserved, while others are more daring and love to surprise. So what model to use without leaving aside the personality and the romanticism?

6 Ideas do share and implement on the best night

  • Book a room in a hotel far away and plan to get there soon after leaving the party. Even if you two are planning to go for a trip, Overseas on a tropical island, spend the first night at the hotel. Have the room previously set up with a motive relevant to your desire. Let’s say a free for all night. Let your husband feels free to have you in his arms and do whatever he wants with you! Is revealing and can indicate which way to turn to solve future arguments. Total disclosure.

Obviously, you would have a very sexy lingerie ready to tackle his heart and desires. This practice is an icebreaker!

  • IIf he has not yet found out who is the boss, now is an excellent time to show where the orders are going to be coming from!


  • Another idea would be an extension of your desire to please your man, more than yourself. Try using a strap on and a dildo on your wedding night. You may be surprised to find out how much he may enjoy this role-play.Speaking of role-play, get that housemaid outfit to please your man. Try some bondage and discipline as well. Tie him and let your imagination do the play.
  • Be a police officer and act as if your husband subjected to domination from day one. If he is new to BDSM, make that a wedding night and a debut for him.
  • Or you can keep your naïve and gentle outlook on life and be the innocent girl with plain white, spotless gown with long sleeves. Remember, you are a virgin in a blink of losing the most precious possession.

Visit our website and if after these ideas for a different wedding night you still want to go without any lingerie at all. Prepare yourself for an act of striptease. Do it, taking piece by piece, slowly and sexy. Now, naked, passionately kiss till death do us (you) part!

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