Valentine’s Day gift guide: top 10 sex toys for women

Are you looking forward to spice up things in bed during Valentine’s Day? Or perhaps you are just looking for a good time by yourself? Either way, we have gathered 10 nice toys for you to explore new forms of pleasure alone or with your significant other. Enjoy!

1. Bondage rope

bondage rope

Ropes are an excellent ‘starter pack’ when it comes to sex toys for women. Available in the colors black, blue and red, this 10-meters long rope is an ideal gift for those willing to try the new sensations with a rope bondage experience! The ‘B’ stands for bondage, which consists of restraining your partner in order to leave him or her at your mercy, as well allowing him or her to do the same with yourself. Unable to move, you and your partner can explore a completely new level of pleasure through domination and submission! Try the powerful feeling of restrain, restrict movement, wrap up a person, suspend a person and much more with this simple, but effective toy. Just don’t forget to read the instructions – safety first!

2. Silicone Colorful Butt Plug

Butt plug

Feeling naughty and wanting to try new things? Then come and try the kinky sensations of using a comfortable butt plug, the best choice in sex toys for women who want to explore the fantastic world of anal pleasure! You can either try it alone or to spice things up with your partner in bed. The thing is, this awesome toy will provide you with anal satisfaction like you’ve never felt before, and is sure to make you and your partner achieve intense orgasms and enhance your fun in bed!

The diamond décor on the bottom is the final touch of glamour to this simple but wonderful item crafted in silicone. Whether you are experienced with anal toys or butt play is a new experience for you and your partner, this butt plug will not let you down. Let yourself go with anal stimulation!

3. 12 Functions Rechargeable Silicone Vibrator

We are not letting you feel lonely this Valentine’s Day! Get to know this fabulous 12-speed vibrator, a special sex toy for women, counting with dual action motors and multi frequency that stimulates both clitoris and G-spot at the same time. With a dozen different vibrating patterns available, you are sure to find what you do like most and explore a new level of pleasure masturbating, changing speed and patterns as you will.

Being waterproof, it can be used on the shower or bathtub in order to give you a fantastic session of wet self-pleasure. This vibrator is USB rechargeable, and one hour charging provides about two hours of non-stop pleasure!


4. Jet Black Silicone Dildo

If your sex life has been boring lately, prepare to know a new level of naughtiness in sex toys for women with this huge dildo, specially designed to be an anal toy! Made in silicone, it is waterproof and provides easy cleaning, which makes it easy to be used over and over again, regardless of partners and time.

This toy is 14. 5 cm long, 3.3 cm wide at the tip, and 3 cm wide at the shaft. It can be used vaginally, anally or even for men who are willing to try some prostate stimulation – how about something new between the sheets this Valentine’s Day?

5. Elastic Strap On Dildo

Prepare to introduce – literally – some extra kinkiness in your sex life! This sex toy for women is specially made for girls who date people willing to try the pleasure of penetration with their partners, that being either men or women. Be ready to provide a new feeling to your boyfriend with this anal toy, or even make your girlfriend reach an intense orgasm going beyond tongues and fingers in bed! The Ultra Elastic Harness with Butt Plug consist of an extra elastic harness that wraps around your waist, hips and thighs and holds a removable butt plug. You will get to know an intense, never felt before pleasure!

6. Bondage Neck Collar and Cuffs

Few things can be sexier as a restraining sex toy for women, and this bondage neck collar with cuffs is the best choice for those willing to go beyond ropes in a BDSM experience. This fully adjustable set includes a collar, two cuffs and a 60cm strap that links them all together for visual, physical and mental stimulation. The pieces link together through loops and metal buttons so that you can have multiple modes of play, and the options include restraining wrists or ankles, creating several kinky positions for you and your partner to try between the sheets. However you choose to use them, you or your partner will be at the other one’s mercy! Time to choose between being a dominatrix or play the submissive role.

7. Tassel Lash Red Handle Whip

When it comes to BDSM sex toys for women, few things can compare to a simple, yet effective whip. It’s a favorite of most fans of pleasure through pain, and will certainly provide you and your significant other with a new level of kinkiness as never felt before! Beautifully crafted, this flogger is sturdy and the PU leather is very well used to give a solid thud against the flesh of your submissive and excited partner. Though small, don’t underestimate this whip: the compact flogger offers a weighty thud upon impact and is guarantee to make your loves scream and reach an intense orgasm!

8. Realistic Pocket Pussy

No girlfriend? No problem! Meet the realistic pocket pussy, a revolutionary sex toy that emulates the pleasure of intercourse with a vagina in every detail, from the fleshy pink color to the intense feels it provides to the active male. It is soft and flexible, since it is made of silicone, and can feel like the real thing – use it and find out for yourself! To increase the amazing sensation, you can use a personal lubricant; since it is water resistant, you don’t have to worry about any difficult clean up processes. Just rinse it and disinfect it after each use and it will last for a long time, so that you can use it many times and not worry about any loss of quality. Take your alone time to a new level and enjoy your Valentine’s Day even when all by yourself!

9. Rechargeable Vibrating Prostate Massager

Tired of old boring masturbation? Or perhaps you are just looking forward to enhance your sex experiences with rarely explored spots? Then meet this fabulous anal toy, designed to give pleasure to the male by stimulating his prostate. If you think you know an intense orgasm, better think again: nothing compares to the combination of stimulating both penis and prostate at once! Versatile, the Vibrating Prostate Massager is a sex toy for women as well, since it can reach the magical g-spot and provide an unforgettable experience. Rechargeable via USB, easy to clean and guarantee to satisfy you. Be prepared for a wonderful Valentine’ Day, no matter if all by yourself or with your partner!

10. 30 Speed Erotic Vibrating Massager

An intimate massage can be as relaxing and exciting as an orgasm, if you know what I mean. With the Erotic Vibrating Massager, that’s exactly what you will get: the ultimate clitoris-stimulating experience! Enjoy the orgasmic resources of this amazing sex toy for women, any time and any place, whether with a partner or on your own

Explore in depth the 30 speeds available, discovering new sensations and reaching intense orgasms until you find out what feels just right for you. But if you think it’s only a sex toy, you’ve got another thing coming! This massager, as the name gives away, can also be used as a relaxing massage apparat. When you’re done having fun, simply unplug it and clean it with a rag, soap and water.

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