How To Perform Kegel Exercises Using Ben Wa Balls

Kegel exercises are considered a good way to treat vaginal prolapse and prevent uterine prolapse in women because they tone and strengthen a group of muscles called Pubiococcygeus, PC for short, located on the pelvic floor.

In addition, kegel exercises help improve the pleasure of close contact as they increase blood circulation in the region. In women, these exercises combat vaginismus, which occurs when they involuntarily contracts the muscles of the vagina, preventing penetration.

Experts explain how it is possible to improve your sex life by strengthening your vaginal muscles and we give tips to get you to train immediately your pelvic muscles using ben wa balls and make kegel exercises an integral part of your life.

Kegel exercises with Ben Wa balls can improve your health and increase your pleasure

Why do we need Kegel exercises and what are they?

Over the years the muscles of our body are becoming flaccid, and it is no different with the vagina. In addition to the age, the practice of high impact exercises such as running, pregnancy and childbirth, or the surgical removal of the female reproductive tract, can lead to weakening of these muscles.

This will affect woman’s sexual life and may even lead to problems like urinary incontinence or prolapses (bladder and uterus fall), because everything is interconnected. However, we can minimize the impact.

Kegel exercises aim to strengthen the region, avoiding these problems, or even reversing them. A pleasurable way to exercise your muscles is with the use of Ben Wa balls. You can apply them to train the coordination of your vaginal muscles and to promote a pleasant and exciting vibration that increases sexual desire and even contributes to orgasm.

Also known as kegel balls, they were created in Thailand and were developed as a female sexual accessory to assist in the practice of intimate exercises. Their use has recently expanded to the rest of the world because of the effectiveness and the simplicity of their use.

What are Ben Wa balls?

Usually they are a set of balls in a string, made of plastic or acrylic, with two or more balls, and they were seen on a famous movie. The recent exposure on the movie 50 Shades of Grey has inspired a lot of curiosity about how to use Ben Wa balls.

They are designed with weight distributed in such a way to activate local muscles, these balls measure around five centimeters in diameter, they have a flexible cord of silicone that joins one ball to the other and this also serves to take them off from the vaginal canal. There is no need to be concerned, Ben Wa balls will not be left inserted without your control.

Sizes and textures

You can find Ben Wa balls in a variety of sizes, colors and textures. Some women find exciting the vibrant colors and the contrast with their pubic hair. Others prefer bigger sizes and a set with only two balls. They are available in many configurations to guarantee you will get the best when exercising with them.

How to Use Ben Wa balls

Ben Wa balls should be used as follows.

  • Clean and sanitize the balls. Vagina is a clean organ, so anything to be inserted should also be absolutely clean.
  • Lubricate the balls with water-based gel so they slip inside smoothly.
  • Insert the first ball into the vagina, slowly, not abruptly. When passing the entrance of the vagina, make a contraction of the local muscles as if it were to hold a gas flatulence (“hold in a fart”), sucking this ball a little more inwards.
  • Then insert the other ball and make sure that the two balls are inside the vagina, leaving out only the drawstring at the end. If it is a set of three balls, insert one after the other.

Final words

  • After the introduction, you can go for a walk and the balls will be doing the exciting movement of muscle stimulation.
  • Remember that the introduction of the balls can be done whilst you are lying down or standing, so look for the position that best suits you and that is more comfortable.
  • The use of balls can and should be done every day or at least three times a week, one hour a day.
  • You can use them during your daily activities, hiking, gym or pilates for example, to develop a habit in your life.

We recommend some research before you purchase your “set of pleasure”. On our site you will learn everything about Kegel exercises and the use of Ben Wa balls, as well as our range of models available to take you over the moon!

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