What I Have Learned From Using Couples Toys

With the hustle and bustle of modern days, sometimes a life shared with someone can be a hectic challenge. We need to run as fast as we can to get things done in time. Wake up early, make up, hairstyle, clothes, work, kids, and house affairs and in the last minute of the day for a rest. Maybe not! What about sex? That is why I reached for couples toys to light up my bedtime!

I am a young mother and a full time worker. I enjoy my life and could not be happier these days that I have created a bed companion to share with my husband. Now, things are great, sex wise. However, that has not always been the case. We were close to a separation if it were not for a great finding of toys for adults in a friend’s house.

Light at the end of a tunnel…

Two years after a happy marriage, our sex life was going downhill fast. We would hardly talk before bedtime. There seemed to be a wall between the two of us and not enough desire to overcome the barrier. I knew these signs were not healthy at all. I could tell that we were at the blink of a nasty slip up.

However, things like that may not happen without some fight. That is what I was afraid could end up happening. I desperately wanted to avoid any arguing and to find a solution at the same time. I guess I was even showing signs at work, because a friend invited me for a coffee and insisted on make me smile all the time!

She was a very attractive lady who worked across the room, at a desk close to the window. She had a kind of constant tan and the natural sunlight would give her that sexy figure. You could have the impression that she just had gone to the beach that morning, before coming to work!

I did not know much about my friend. I only knew that she was very sexy, around 30s, like myself, however no wedding bands on her fingers. I guess she would been single. She was very tall, blonde, blue eyes, body in an hourglass shape. She always wore skirts with a front opening, so her nice legs were showing most of the time.

Although strait, I was very attracted to her. If I would try something different one day, she would be my first choice, no doubt! However, for now I really believed she was inviting me for a cup of coffee, nothing more than that!

I decided to call it a day for that afternoon, I was feeling tired and wouldn’t mind a break for a coffee. We decided to go for a romantic and cozy place, far away from work. Maybe we both needed a huge distance from any stressors.

Couples toys opened up new horizons…

Laura, that’s her name, held my hand gently while we got out the car and walked into this tiny place. She must have rung before, there was already a table set for two in the far end of the shady corner. Before sitting, I went to the toilet and she came with me. Through the mirror in the front door, I could see that she was checking me out, I mean, starring at my behind.

Before I really knew anything, she was already giving the best and most passionate kiss I ever received. With tongue and all the works! She could kiss like no other person. I felt a dizzy and heat wave throughout my entire body. It was the feeling before a deep sexual arousal. She was turning me on!

I couldn’t hold any longer and succumbed to the desire of my passion. I kissed her back and started touching her legs. It felt so soft and as I went on, I could feel her moist and my desire escalated into an uncontrollable passion. I had to have her. She kissed gentile my ears, running her tongue through and whispering that we should go to her place, a couple of miles from there.

I don’t remember saying yes or no, I can only recall that, minutes later I was totally naked in her bed looking at her sculptural figure. I never felt such an intense craving for someone. She had one of those strap on fitted with a small chubby dildo. I began to kiss her entire body and finish with that dildo inside me.

Small and powerful, this little wonder was driving me up the wall. She knew how to use to tease and make me beg for more. It was a steamy hot afternoon. But, when I went home, I took her toy with me. I wanted to try with my husband. I want to use on him. Maybe this would wake him up a bit.strap onThe next day, it was Labor Day, kids went to school and we stayed at home. As soon as I had the chance, I started kissing my husband in a very insinuating way. He responded well, I felt he was getting a hard on. So I went upstairs and set the scene inviting him to my love cave. He came running the stairs.

When he opened the door, he saw me with a strap on and that dildo staring him in the face. I was gambling, I know! However, he held me in his arms and started running his tongue over my neck. I felt him stroking that dildo at the same time. I went along and before we all knew I was penetrating him from behind with my dildo.

He was screaming and going crazy. I guess he always wanted a different experience as well and did not mind our new couples toys . This has been the best sex ever, my husband, myself and Jonathan, the dildo!

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