New to Couples Toys? Check These Must Have

Have you ever used erotic toys? Never? Ever? Know that they are the best items to spice up your relationship, make sex more exciting or increase the quality of your masturbation. Many partners, especially those who have been together for a long time, use couples toys to warm up their sex encounters and save their marriages.

Nowadays there are countless toys to use in bed, on the sofa, in the bath, wherever you want. The important thing is to surprise your partner with different styles and types of sex toys that will put an end to the boredom in the relationship. Sex toys for couples help turn things more intimate and fun between the two of you.

However, it is not just the committed ones who venture out with erotic toys for couples. Single men and women also seek novelties in the erotic world, going through orgasmic experiences that often only the fingers do not provide.

Erotic toys are a great option for the couple to use in the intimate moment, as well as getting out of the dull routine; they offer new possibilities for fun and still increase the pleasure.

First things first with couples toys

As there is still a general doubt as to “where to begin to venture into the world of couples toys” we set up a list of these must have models to stimulate fantasies and warm your moments in good company.couple toys

As our first suggestion, we cannot pass by the ultimate tool for people to engage when looking for independent pleasure. We are talking about the vibrator. However, before going any further, we would like to take some time to explain the difference between a vibrator and a dildo.

They serve the same goal. But vibrators, as the name implies are a penis like, or just a shape like device, which vibrates with batteries or power operated to be used for stimulation or penetration. Dildos, on the other hand, serve the absolute same purpose without the use of any electrical impulses or battery operation. Just a plain penis or shape like device doing the same thing!

  • In first place we rate vibrators or dildos as the most important players on our must have couples toys.
  • Occupying our second spot, we must mention a very useful sex toy that is becoming increasingly popular amongst the couples. We are talking about butt plug. A device, which can be used by any of the partners or both at the same time. As the name suggests, they are introduced to stimulate anal areas.
  • In one suggestion, we would like to mention that there are many variations from the same vibrator principle, such as double end intruder (vibrator), a double penetrator, stimulating clitoris and vagina at the same time, as well as different sizes and shapes.
  • Our list could not be complete without mentioning same foreplay tools, preparing women for that moment in time. That is, the Ben Wa balls, also known as orgasm balls, used for sexual stimulation by insertion into the vagina for a period of time prior to sexual relation or at the foreplay.
  • As far as having a big hand in order to keep the man on the go, we must mention also the famous cock ring. It is a ring worn around the penis, usually at the base. Its primary purpose is to restrict the blood flow from the erect penis in order to produce a stronger erection or to maintain an erection for a longer period of time.

Wrapping up our couples toys

You may be thinking that you could come up with other three or four different styles of sex toys. We certainly agree with you, there is plenty more to choose from. However, our list comprises the most common ones and the ones we consider mandatory in your collection of couples toys.

We understand also that some couples, besides using toys, they enjoy a bit more daring play. They are into BDSM and their idea of fun and games might not be everyone’s “cup of tea”. Nevertheless, we cater for them too.

Please add a good whip, a set of cuffs, a blinder and some bondage rope in the list above if you are committed to enjoy sex with total consent and do not mind a bit of roughness with your partner.

A word of advice goes well here, so we could not have left unturned the stone of care. Absolute safety is important when dealing with devices to boost sexual fantasies and experiences. People may get carried away and disregard their care for safe play.

Please NOTE: Every time you use couples toys, or any sexual toy for that matter, wash carefully before and after use. Do NOT perform or play without total consent from the other partner. Always, practice safe sex!

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