What Are the Best Vibrators for Female and Male Pleasure

The variety of types of vibrators is enormous. In addition to the models they vary in color, speed, vibration modes, sizes, material, brands, it is always tricky to choose yours at the time of purchase, but here we will help you to find out the best vibrator for women, men and couples.

They come in many shapes, sizes, colors, textures and speed… no wonder we can get confused!

Vibrators are one of the most famous and controversial erotic toys. There are those who like to use alone or in good company and there are those who just by hearing its mention they are already running away.

Often the fear of a vibrator, shame or even aggression just by hearing its mention comes from ignorance about the subject. After all, life is much easier within the comfort zone, but that does not mean it is more pleasurable.

So we decided to show you the types of vibrator toys for men and for women that are on the market and tell a little more about each one.

Most popular and best vibrators

Mini and Bullet Vibrators

bulletSome find it ideal as one of the best toys for women. This particular vibrator is a small capsule that aims at the outer areas of the vulva, i.e. clitoris, large lips and even at the entrance of the vagina, extremely sensitive and pleasurable areas. This is not a vibrator for penetration as you can imagine, it only helps in female stimulation.

Mini and Bullet Vibrators are among the most popular small sex toys for women.

Although smaller than most vibrators, however, it compensates for size with excitement. Bullet type vibrators are often very powerful. They may have only 1 speed or they can be multi-speed.

An interesting aspect with bullet vibrators is that because they are small they tend to be better accepted by men than other models, so they end up being one of the first vibrators of many women or couples.


Personal type

Considered one of the most classic vibrator types. In addition to being used as the bullet in external stimulation, the personal vibrator can also be used in penetration. The personal vibrator models vary in size being more common between 13 to 18 centimeters. This type of vibrator can be smooth or have textures, just like it can be single speed or multi speed.

Personal model is the most versatile vibrator

Among the main types of vibrator, the personal vibrator is one of the most versatile. In addition to massage, stimulation and masturbation, they are also indicated for pompoir exercises. Some women and men find it to be the best vibrator.


As the name says, butterfly vibrator has the shape of a butterfly. It is unique for female body as it is worn as a panty with an adjustable elastic strap.

Hands free operation and adjustable harness

It has features close to that of the Bullet vibrator with a focus on stimulation, although some models have a small penis for penetration. Its soft material usually uses hospital grade silicone and has a vibrating capsule that stimulates clitoris. Some models have different vibration speeds, which are regulated by remote control. Hands free operation for total pleasure.

Realistic penis vibrator

Realistic penis vibrators seek to bring greater reality to the world of vibrators. Amongst all types of vibrators, these are the ones most like a real penis. Sizes, colors, material, protrusions, everything is thought to look like a real penis, even many porn movie actors serve as role models for these vibrators. Some people consider this as the best vibrator model.

Realistic penis vibrator is a very popular sex toy for men and women.


rabbitRabbit vibrators are one of our favorite types of vibrators and we recommend it most. This is because in addition to penetration it has a side plug that is specially made for stimulation of the clitoris. They are two vibrators in one!

Rabbit vibrator is the most popular women’s sex toy today!

They are great vibrators for those who have never had an orgasm before or want to experience an even more intense orgasm. While penetration occurs at the same time her clitoris is gently stroked. Many of these vibrators have preprogrammed vibration modes that allow you to experience various sensations.

U-shaped for couples vibrator

This type of vibrator is quite popular as a vibrator for couples. This is because it offers comfort, pleasure and ease to use vibrator while having sex with the partner. It allows this because of its U-shape, looks like a giant two-prong clamp, the larger end is used in penetration and the smaller to stimulate clitoris.

Popular among couples, double penetration and double the pleasure

In addition to stimulating the G-spot, U shape vibrator can be used by a couple during penetration without hurting the partner’s penis.

G Spot Vibrators

They are one of the type of vibrators most sought after by women seeking orgasm by stimulating that magical area. The G-spot vibrator differs from normal models by having a curved head, specially designed to stimulate the female G-spot.

Ideal for those hard to reach places

However, this special care in stimulating the G-spot is not exclusive to just one type of vibrator, other models are also thought to stimulate this special area as with some realistic and rabbit vibrators.

Now that you already know all the major types of vibrators that exist in the erotic market. It is much easier to choose your first vibrator, or the perfect one to get you over the moon. Browse our selection and you will find the best vibrator for you! Total pleasure guaranteed!

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