How to Assemble a Strap on Harness

Everyone has his or her preferences, fantasies and style when it comes to sexual desire. So, erotic toys are here to satisfy the most varied needs. Today, we talk about a type of sex toy that can be worn by both partners. It is the penis strap on harness.

One of the many uses of a good penis strap on is to perform the fantasy of double penetration in both female partners without having to invite another man, for example. Simply choose a sturdy strap on harness to fit the actual dildo, vibrator or silicone penis and stay comfortable to enjoy your close encounter.

In addition to double penetration, a strapon serves well on a situation in which a man needs to rest between erections, and the partner is going up the walls and wants to continue being stimulated. Therefore, it can be considered as a device of continuous erection and full play.

Reasons to wear a strap on harness

Strap on allows hands-free penetration as well as more creative sexual positions and prolonged sex. Other forms of use that you can benefit from are dual penetration and stimulation of the male prostate. Here are some other good reasons:

Prolonged sex

When a couple wants to prolong sex after the man has an orgasm, it is possible to use a strap-on to continue penetration. This allows woman sexual pleasure for longer periods of time.

Erectile dysfunction

When a man is unable to reach full erection, he can choose to wear harness strap ons. Although it is possible to explore other forms of pleasure, if a man wants to give the woman penetration, this is a perfect way to do so.


This is a sexual practice in which woman performs anal sex on a man penetrating his anus with a strap on vibrator or dildo. It is primarily for men to receive prostate stimulation. In fact, many doctors believe that stimulating prostate increases blood flow in the pelvic region, bringing oxygen and nutrients to the tissues and preventing certain health problems.


Both men and women can wear harness strap on for masturbation. Women are able to use it for vaginal or anal penetration while men manage to do so for prostate massage. Usually when used for masturbation, it is also possible to combine with other sex toys to increase stimulation.

strap on vibrator

Assembling a strap on harness – How to do it

Normally when you purchase a harness, they come in separate pieces. Even some straps from the harness itself must be assembled. So, let us get to it.

If you want to insert or to remove the penis, dildo or vibrator from the belt (harness), unscrew the base. Attach the strap and adjust the straps as desired. If you have a remote control unit, slide the remote control cover down to open the battery compartment, insert the batteries as per the internal indication and slide the cover to close position.

Plug the wire into the hole located at the end of the control. Press the second control button to turn the power on or off, and the press first button to change into vibrate mode. Use your imagination and penetrate as much as you want. It is going to be hard all the time!

It is not rocket science. However, the idea is that every time you received a new toy, you are going to use with your partner, wash thoroughly before e after each use. Also, make sure there is no risk of any danger to the health of people involved on the play with your new strap on harness. Have fun!

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