Top 5 Best Anal Toys for Beginners

Our reference as gender is becoming an issue in many communities around the world. It is common to realize that nowadays the politically correctness applied to principles may not be enough to make people happy. They want more, and as far as sex is concerned, they even want to try different things. Engaging the use of anal toys is becoming a trend!

We have decided to go on a quest to find the best anal toys for beginners to use in order to get the most of an orgasm:

1. Prostate Massager

prostate massager

Silicone Waterproof Detachable Vibrating Prostate Massager

Our first choice of anal toys is a butt plug, ideal for people wanting to experiment for the first time. The prostate, also known as the male G-spot, is the gland that controls the sexual and reproductive functions of man. This vibrator is small enough to massage your deep sensitive areas and no so big as to cause any harm.

When properly stimulated, the prostate releases a surprising amount of sexual energy, causing the man to experience a more intense orgasm or multiple orgasms. This is indeed a massager and prostate stimulator with vibrator. Designed to fit the body contours providing maximum comfort and enjoyment during use.

Massage of the prostate not only improves sexual performance but also can prevent pain and medical conditions in the region. Our butt plug is also known as the male pleasure object. Correct prostate stimulation and proper massaging improves erection, intensity of orgasm and quality of sex life!

2. Cucumber Dildo

Crystal Cucumber Dildo

This crystal cucumber dildo is a fully granulated green glass penetrator with stimulators on its sides. The shape of the head resembles a cucumber and should be used to stimulate female pleasure. Can be used in clitoral stimulation or penetration. Made from a special type of glass, it is completely safe for use, and can be heated or frozen to experience new sensations.

We thought that this is a good opportunity to set the record straight. Some people may wonder what is the difference between a dildo and a vibrator. A dildo normally comes on a penis shape or something similar, like our cucumber.

A vibrator, on the other hand, needs batteries to be fully operational. As the name implies, it vibrates with the power generated by electric current or batteries. One of the advantages of a glass dildo is its ability to change its temperature to a very different stimulation.

3. Silicone Butt Plug

Horse Tail Silicone Butt Plug

Silken Horsetail Anal Plug is a hybrid toy: Half plug, half tail. Combine 2 fetishes in 1 and let yourself go. The plug is silicone and its shape is ideal for anal stimulation. The tail is soft and can be used as a visual stimuli or provocation, satisfying your fetishes. Try and surrender yourself. Wash easily with soap and water.

It is ideal for Pony play and a bit of BDSM. Some people swear by its efficiency as a butt plug with a difference! We suggest using lubricant if it feels uncomfortable; however, do not use silicone base lubrication, for this can damage the integrity of the toy.

Manufactured with hospital grade silicone and smooth surface for easy insertion. Have combinations of fun time and game playing!  Certainly is one of the best indication we could have ever listed on our selection for your total enjoyment and intense orgasms.

4. Elastic Strap on Dildo

Ultra-Elastic Harness Strap-On Dildo

Our list showcases an elastic harness with a strap-on function where you can interchange various butt plugs or dildos. The idea is the versatile fully functional belt, which attaches and adjusts to a female body for any man’s delight or even for a play with your girlfriend. The strap-on function lets you experiment with different sizes of anal toys and even vibrators of a much larger proportion.

In our opinion, this has to be the best option for a broader experience without going to too much trouble buying new devices all the time. Washable and soft to the touch, this harness can be indispensable to accompany you on those steamy nights on bed. Have a selection of dildos sizes and experiment with every one of them, interchanging every time you want another size.

5. Masturbator doll

Masturbator doll

Silicone Big Ass Masturbator Doll

Occupying the fifth place, however not less important, we find the closest device to a real diving hole. Actually, double diving, with so many options of getting the best of both worlds! Back door entrance, as they say, with the added feeling of grabbing a butt for more pleasure. Hours of fun on your own with this hard working doll, ready for you all the time!

It might be some incredible feature for somebody, but to a few orgasms seeker this is the best companion. It has all to do with attitude. Your mind is dictating whatever is important in your life. So, happiness must be the driving force behind our selection for your sexual pleasure.

This is not part of our anal toys collection, but surely enough is a complement for those wishing to try something different. Get your quite retreat organized and invite this beautiful double penetration piece of fine designed and created masturbator.

Remember to be always happy in life!

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