A Love Affair with Sexy Lingerie

Lingerie. The word itself is super sexy and the truth is that everybody loves it. Men love it for obvious reasons; it’s attractive, sexy and it usually means they’re in for a wonderful night. But it’s not just the men who look at it that love it.

The women who wear it love it too! Putting it on makes women feel sexy and empowered. Whether wearing it for a sexy night or putting it on under your clothes, it’s just a great reminder of how beautiful and powerful you are.

Let’s explore this love affair more in depth so that you don’t miss out on any part of the experience.

The Basics

Lingerie consists of the undergarments, sleepwear and lightweight robes worn by women. However, not all undergarments qualify. Your regular bra and panties just don’t make the cut. We use the term to describe special undergarments that have a higher sense of elegance, sensuality, femininity and sexiness.

The terms is often used to connote the fact that these garments are alluring and fashionable. Over the years, the “ideal” female figure has changed drastically, and therefore, so have the garments that accentuate that feminine shape. The bust and butt of a woman have always played a key role in the development of what’s stylish, but both have not always been emphasized.

Undergarments: A Short History

Ancient Egypt

Around 3000 B.C., the time of the ancient Egyptians, is where are undergarment history begins. Since clothing was a status symbol, those of higher ranks wore tunics as undergarments held up by a single shoulder strap, while slaves and servants wore loincloths or no undergarments at all.

In 2000 B.C. Crete, Greece, is when the first garment resembling a corset was made. They were stiff boned bodices and their sole purpose was to push up the chest and put a woman’s assets on display for her man.

The Middle Ages

During the Middle Ages, undergarments were a sign of wealth as well. Members of the upper class wore undergarments made of linen, such as the chemise and the corset, in order to protect their clothing from getting sullied.

The underwear at the time for women, however, was not made to flatter or enhance her figure. Corsets were made to flatten the chest and torso and to give women a stiff, straight-lined shape.

During the period of the Renaissance, women began going to extremes in order to get flat stomach and tiny waist. Corseting was done to extremes, squeezing women’s organs and often causing serious medical issues.

The Industrial Age and The French Revolution

With the invention of the spinning jenny and the cotton gin, cotton fabrics became widely available in the second half of the 18th century. People began buying undergarments from stores on a mass scale. The French Revolution around this time also brought about a period in which women said goodbye (although briefly) to corsets and anything that reminded them of the aristocracy. Instead, they opted for simple bands of fabric wrapped around their breasts.

The Victorian Period

Although seen as prudes in the eyes of history, it was the Victorians who invented what we would today refer to as lingerie. By the 1800s, women were again wearing corsets. These, however, were docaritve and featured ribbons, lace and embroidery. They also emphasized and pushed the bust up and out. They also made corsets that fastened in the front, so that women could remove them themselves, and created a much more comfortable elastic corset.

During this period, they also invested the frilly pantaloons and used garters to keep corsets from riding up.

The Early 20th Century

In the early 1900s, Chalmers Knitting Company invented the modern undershirt and drawers ad had a lacy version for women. During this time, women started trading in corsets for braziers and bloomers became very popular. By the 20’s, these bloomers where much shorter and were very similar to the modern panty.

Sexy Lingerie for the Modern Woman

By the 1960s, brief bikinis were popular underwear and companies were beginning to glamorize sexy lingerie and market it as we know it today.

Most Popular Types of Lingerie

When it comes to undergarments, there are many types. What you choose will depend on your style, body type and occasion. There are several types that will feel most comfortable to you. Here, we break down some of the most popular types.


Panties are a basic necessity when it comes to underwear. They come in many styles from boyshort to thong. They can be simple and utilitarian cotton kinds or they can be super sexy lingerie to accompany other favorites.


As indicated above, corsets are the earliest form of sexy undergarments. It is a top that features boning to cinch in your waist, lift your breasts, emphasize your hips and give you an hourglass figure.


These feature structured cups for support, usually have no boning, and they do not cinch the waist. They have adjustable straps and are something akin to a very sexy tank top.


Bodysuit is a one piece that is form-fitting and can be worn as a foundation garment.

Teddy lingerie

This one is a staple. Structured like a bathing suit, but it features various cutouts, patterns, levels of sheerness, materials, etc.


Hosiery consists of stockings, tights or socks. There are many super sexy versions that pair well with some of your favorite, sexy pieces.


Bralette is a thin, delicate and light bra that has no underwires or cups.


Another undergarment staple for women. They are made to offer support and lift for the breasts. There are many types from basic utilitarian ones, to sports ones, to super sexy ones.


Kind of like a dress. Babydolls have a hem right beneath the bust and the fabric that spreads out and away from the body.


Usually, these are made of thin and luxurious material for which to wrap yourself in. Robes can be long or short.


An all in one piece that has a top attached to bottoms structures like shorts. Rompers are loose and very comfortable.

The Influence of Fashion

Fashion trends reach far, even down to our undergarments. The colors, materials and styles all change according to stylish trends. Even the popularity of a garment is influenced by fashion, such as is the case of the corset and the bralette.

Some things, however, are classics that never go out of style. Wedding lingerie, black teddy’s and white and pink babydolls are some of those that will never go out of style.

Just like fashion, however, sexy lingerie should change with the seasons. Wear heavier fabrics, embellished styles and your stockings and garters during the colder weather. And for warmer weather, your skimpier pieces and more vibrant colors are a great choice.

Our love affair with lingerie is not new and it’s not going anywhere any time soon. The truth is that with so many options out there from teddys to thongs to plus size lingerie, everyone can find pieces that will fit their style, body shape and occasion.  Choosing pieces that make you (or your partner) feel sexy, confident and beautiful is important. But you want to make sure you go shop at a place that will give you a wide variety of options of high-quality pieces.

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