5 weird fetishes that are common in celebrities

It’s better to be weird than plain, right? Well, it seems that in the bedroom weird can make for some deliciously sexy kink. Not many, however, like to talk about their weird fetishes, so you may feel like you’re all alone with your weird desires. Feeling weird may even make you try to suppress your desires and make you fear sharing them with your partner.

Some celebrities, however, are not shy about expressing their desires. So learn about 5 weird fetishes and the celebrities that have them. You may find that your weird kink isn’t that weird after all.

Hematolagnia Can be a Freaky Fetish

Even the name is weird. What the heck is it? It’s actually a fancy term for blood play. Gross right? It is exactly what it sounds like. It’s when blood evokes sexual arousal, especially when seen on a naked person. It can involve cutting, drinking blood, and even biting (yes, like a vampire!)

Angelina Jolie and former husband, Billy Bob Thornton, were well known for their blood fetish. They would occasionally bring knives into the bedroom and use them while engaged in sexual intercourse. They even went as far as having vials of blood for each other that they would wear out in public. Once they divorced, however, those vials of blood became a point of contention as Angelina was afraid that her ex would try to curse the vials.

Foot Fetish: it’s Almost a Classic

So, a foot fetish isn’t so uncommon. It seems like apopular fetish that is often talked about. Honestly, some people love feet as much as some absolutely hate them. What do people do with feet? Well, we can only speculate!foot fetish

But a well-known celebrity with a foot fetish is Quentin Tarantino. His obsession with feet is so extreme, that in some of his movies he gives them quite a bit of camera time. This is most obvious in movies such as Death Proof and Jackie Brown. It has even been reported that the well-known director drank champagne from one of Uma Thurman’s high heels once!

There are weird fetishes and then there’s Maschalagnia



This is probably the king of weird fetishes. This is actually Armpit fetishism. Yes, some people are  sexually attracted to armpits, which can actually lead to axillism, or armpit intercourse. And you thought your fetish was weird?

Snow White and the Huntsman and Twilight star, Kirsten Stewart, seems to be a little into this fetish. She reportedly likes to be licked under the armpits. She has said that she loves the smell of her significant others armpits and doesn’t understand why anyone would want to wash that smell off. Not sure how far into maschalagnia Kirsten is, or if she’s into axilism, but getting your pits licked is pretty weird on its own.

Having sex in weird places

Having sex in random places doesn’t seem to be too weird. Everyone likes to change things up a bit right? But some people get super revved up by having sex in a specific place. One of the most common examples of this fetish is people who love to have sex in a car. The risqué location, fogging up the windows, the whole nine yards. Mechanophilia, or the sexual attraction to machines, such as cars, can be an extreme example of this fetish.

Scarlett Johansson to this day loves to have sex in a car. When speaking to playboy she said “I do think having sex in a car is sexy. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind and thinking of doing something crazy and kinky and sexy, the back seat would be it.” So, a motor running definitely gets her motor running.


bondageThe act of being tied up or tying your partner up for sexual acts is highly arousing to many. Bondage can be amateur and consist of tying your partner up with scarves or furry handcuffs but it can lead all the way to the extreme of using paddles, whips and even nipple clamps while being tied up. Don’t forget your safe word!

Eva Longoria seems to be into bondage a little bit. Once she told the press: “I’m not averse to being tied up with silk scarves, I like a man to take charge. There’s something very sexy about being submissive, because your guard is down, you have to totally surrender to something like that.” Now, what man (or even woman) wouldn’t be into that? Especially if Evan is involved.

When it comes to bedroom behavior, your kink is your thing. Everyone has weird fetishes and things that they’re into that they might be ashamed of sharing with the general public. But don’t be so hard on yourself and don’t be afraid to share your fantasies with your partner. If you don’t ask, you never shall receive.

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